About us

What if the best luxury yachts were always found at BELLA YACHT?

BELLA YACHT is a Cannes based company that specializes in yachts in the French Riviera. The team offers buying & selling, renting, and management services to help you sail the seas in peace.

BELLA YACHT is full of people who are passionate about sailing on motorize yachts, sail boats, and catamarans.

Our main goal is helping our boating clients find the perfect vessel or destination according to their plans, needs, tastes, and budget.

We take pride in developing close, long-lasting relationships with each of our clients as we exceed their expectations and help them achieve their dreams.

Trust, integrity, and doing everything we can for a client are the cornerstone of our business and the reason behind our success since the beginning.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, our current clients can attest to our professionalism throughout the buying or sale process and our dedication to making sure everything goes smoothly and professionally.

Our experience serves as a great source of advice when it comes to negotiations, on-board equipment, interpreting expertise, and ensuring that all documents comply to nautical industry standards and all other questions you may have after the fact.

Portrait of Bella Yacht’s founder.

Bateau à moteur de luxe , expertise marine.

MATHIEU GUEUDIN is a french yacht captain. In 2014, he started working in the sale and rental of yachts with a leading French company, and in 2018 he used all his expertise to create the company BELLA YACHT.

Captain and kitesurfing instructor for a few years now, Mathieu has sports, travel, and a love for the extraordinary in his DNA. Born in Paris, he also worked in the fashion industry, primarily in luxury sportswear as he established the French branch of Tommy Hilfiger Denim. His business had him travelling frequently between Paris, New York, Amsterdam, and Hong-Kong. While he was sailing, he traveled to and said the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, to Brazil, all around Africa, and even all the way to Asia, which gave him the chance to explore the most exotic and less populous sailing routes, as well as see the amazing opportunities that come with renting a yacht.

With his professional background and fluent English, Mathieu promises clients an attention to detail and perfect organization.

If you are looking for an accomplished professional with an extensive knowledge of the market and market trends, whether you are buying or selling a yacht, you can contact Mathieu by clicking heremaster 

Why choose to work with Bella Yacht?

Interested in buying a new or second-hand vessel?

BELLA YACHT specializes in the brands Ferretti, Pershing, Custom line, Riva, Mangusta, San Lorenzo, Azimut, Princess, Majestic, Jeanneau, Beneteau, Bavaria, Amel, Lagoon.

Just starting out in yachting?

Trust us during your buying process. Thanks to our experience, we will help you find the perfect yacht according to your profile and needs.

If you so wish, we can even accompany you as a buyer broker and help defend your best interests.

Bella Yacht is an all-in-one company and we can recommend you to the best professionals in the yachting industry: maritime experts, maritime lawyers, leaser, private banks, crewing agencies, insurers.

Choose Bella Yacht and you are guaranteed smooth sailing.

Are you looking to sell your yacht soon?

If you have been trying to sell your yacht and have not had much luck by yourself or with a professional who has not been doing a good enough job, contact us today. We have the experience and tools that will help sell your boat in less than 6 months thanks to our clear and innovative approach.

At Bella Yacht, we do not have salesmen, we have professionals. And our clients understand the difference.

Our goal is to listen to you, answer your questions, and offer you: rigorous expertise, personalized support, and after our first meeting, we will be your best contact in the world of yachting for all of your aquatic plans both in France and internationally.

Request that one of our brokers contacts you to help you in your search.

Trust us with your luxury yacht renting needs

If you are looking to reserve and rent a luxurious yacht for an unforgettable cruise, Bella Yacht specializes in luxury vessel rental for numerous destinations across the world.

Rent a luxury yacht for your vacation on the sea. Nothing could be better than a cruise on a totally private, fully staffed yacht and discovering the south of France and the Mediterranean Sea from a southern port like Cannes, Nice, Monaco, or St. Tropez z to discover the islands of Lérins and Porquerolles, Corsica, or Sardinia.

If you are looking for to rent for a day, few days or a week, a luxury yacht, super yacht, mega yacht, or catamaran, contact us and we will help find the best choice for you. With us, you will surely have a unique experience discovering unknown destination.

Looking for a total change of scenery and to spend a private moment with your family, friends, or co-workers? Renting a yacht allows you to explore a variety of destinations while giving you the comfort and conveniences of a palace or luxury villa.

Renting a luxury yacht to celebrate a special event along the French Riviera?

Whether it’s for a birthday, a wedding anniversary, a honeymoon, a bachelor or bachelorette party, or to get a front row seat on the water to watch the Cannes fireworks, the BELLA YACHT team, thanks to their event coordinating experience and their network or local service providers, can create your dream event that your guests will never forget. Hiring Bella Yacht to help you organize your event guarantees you with an event that will leave you and your loved ones with unforgettable memories.